| Thursday, 23 November 2017 |
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Erasmus+ Work Placement Programme

2:00 PM » Friday, 24 November, 10:45 AM

Reminder to students in the classes eligible to apply for the 3 week abroad Erasmus+ Work Placement Programme that applications are to be made to Corrina Smart, Leargas Organiser (Edel Bourke’s Office which is located between room 17 and room 18) on Thursday 23rdNovember between 1400 and 1455 or Friday 24th November 2017 between 10.00 and 1045. For more information on eligibility criteria, eligible classes & the application process, please see the Leargas Notice Board in the Canteen ar

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Appeal for Colaiste Ide Homeless Soup Run Donations

Tuesday, 21 November, 4:45 PM » Friday, 15 December, 2:00 PM

Appeal for Colaiste Ide Homeless Soup Run Donations (Jackets, Socks, Shoes, Socks, Hats, Gloves, Underwear, Sleeping Bags, toiletries, tea, coffee, milk, sugar, food.) All donations can be dropped into donations boxes around the college

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Soccer Tournament Sign up

Wednesday, 22 November, 11:00 AM » Thursday, 7 December, 2:00 PM

Colaiste Ide Soccer Level 5 course is hosting 5 aside Soccer Tournament taking place on the 7th of December at the astros in leisure point. 
The sign up day for the 5 aside soccer tournament is on the 22nd November (Wed) and you can sign up in the canteen. ALL classes are welcome to participate. The cost of the event is €2 ahead and is paid on the sign up day.